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Chapter 1 Use of Service Policy

  • Article 1 Purpose The purpose of these terms and conditions (the “Terms”) is to set forth the rights and obligations of Members and the Company and other necessary matters in connection with the Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) provided by SeoulAuctionBlue (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) including but not limited to, AuctionBlue.
  • Article 2 Definition The terms used herein have the meaning defined below, unless otherwise expressly specified elsewhere:
    • ① “Member” means a person who has approved these Terms and entered into a Use of Service contract with the Company.
    • ② “ID” means an alphanumeric combination set by the Member and approved by the Company for identification of the Member and access to the Service.
    • ③ “Password” means an alphanumeric combination set by the Member and approved by the Company to confirm the identity of the Member and for Service.
    • ④ “Consignor” means a person who registers an art piece with the intention of selling it online through an auction conducted by the Company.
    • ⑤ “Buyer” means a person who won an auction or bought an art piece immediately.
    • ⑥ “Bidding” means submission of a purchasing price to buy an art piece under auction.
    • ⑦ “Winning Bid” means the transaction has been concluded by a bid.
    • ⑧ “Regular Auction” means an auction where the person who makes the highest bid wins the auction.
    • ⑨ “Buy It Now” means a listing feature that lets a buyer purchase an art piece immediately for a price the seller has set.
    • ⑩ “My Page” means the Service page provided by the Company by collecting information on sales purchase, credit rating, and membership information in order for the Member to use the Auction Service quickly and conveniently.
  • Article 3 Posting and Changing Terms
    • ① The Company will post the Terms of Service on the company website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).
    • ② The Company may make changes to these Terms from time to time to the extent that such changes do not breach the applicable laws including the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, the Act on Protection and Utilization of Location Information, and the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Transaction.
    • ③ When such changes are made, the Company will provide notification of the updated Terms specifying the effective date and reason for change together with the existing Terms, from at least seven (7) days prior to the effective date until the effective date.
    • ④ When the User does not clearly express their intention to refuse the changes within the above period, even though the Company has specifically notified the User or provided notification according to the foregoing paragraph, it will be deemed that such User has agreed to the changes.
    • ⑤ The User is entitled to refuse the amended Terms. The User must pay attention to changes in the terms and may terminate the membership if they do not accept the revised terms.
    • ⑥ Users are obliged to regularly use the service to check for changes in these Terms, and the Company is not liable for any loss incurred to a User who has agreed to the amended Terms due to changes in the Terms or the User’s negligence in learning of the changes.
  • Article 4 Relationship with Applicable Laws
    • ① The matters not set forth in these Terms or other individual Terms shall be governed by the provisions of related laws and regulations, such as the Telecommunications Business Act, the Framework Act on Electronic Document and Electronic Commerce, the Personal Information Protection Act, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.
    • ② In using the services provided by the Company, Members shall comply with applicable laws governing the Act on Door-to-Door Sales, the Framework Act on Electronic Document and Electronic Commerce, the Framework Act on Consumers, the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Transaction, the Personal Information Protection Act, and the related laws and regulations, such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, and cannot assert any indemnity for violation of the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Article 5 Nature and Purpose of the Auction Service The purpose of the auction service is to provide a cyber-trading place online so that Members may trade goods with each other at their own discretion. The Company does not sell goods to or purchase goods from Members, but only provides the tools to enhance the safety and reliability of transactions between Members. Responsibility for the transactions between Members shall be borne by the Members themselves who are the trading partners themselves.
  • Article 6 Terms of Use of Service
    • ① The Terms of Use of Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”) regarding the Use of Services provided by the Company are established by the Company's approval of the application of the person who wants to use the Service (“Membership Application”). The Company shall notify the applicant of its acceptance of use via a posting on the service screen, email, or other means.
    • ② Any individuals who are over 14 years of age or a business entity may apply for membership.
      The applicant must apply for Membership using their real name. Anyone who has used a false name or who has registered as a Member using another person's information will not be allowed to use the Service provided by the Company.
    • ③ Anyone under the age of 19 who wishes to become a Member shall obtain the consent of their parent or legal guardian.
    • ④ A Member may use only one ID for each real name. In principle, the Terms of Use should be entered into by ID unit.
  • Article 7 Application for Use and Protection of Personal Information
    • ① Anyone wishing to use the Service must provide the following information in accordance with the online application form provided by the Company:
      • 1) Minimum required items for individual Members① Name ② Phone number ③ Mobile phone number ④ Address ⑤ Email address ⑥ ID ⑦ Password ⑧ Date of birth
      • 2) The minimum required items for individual/business entity Members① Individual trade name or company name ② Phone number ③ Business address ④ Contact number of representative ⑤ Address ⑥ email address of representative ⑦ Username ⑧ Passwords ⑨ Business Registration Number ⑩ Name of CEO
    • ② In addition to the required items in the above paragraph, the Company may request that the applicant provide information
      such as occupation, hobbies, interests, etc., in order to provide various informative content to the Member. However, the applicant may refuse to provide such information.
    • ③ In use, collection, and Provision to a third party of Personal Information provided by the Member, the Company shall comply with applicable laws such as the Framework Act on Electronic Document and Electronic Commerce, Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Transaction, Personal Information Protection Act, and Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.
  • Article 8 Approval of Application for Use
    • ① The Company shall, in principle, accept the use of the service through the personal identification confirmation procedure in Terms of Use, if the applicant for use has accurately provided the required items specified in Article 7 and agrees to these Terms of Use.
    • ② In the case of an application for individual Membership, the Company shall perform blind verification by checking whether the mobile phone number and name match with the credit information provider or credit information concentration agency available in accordance with the law, and in the case of application by a business entity, perform personally identifiable verification procedures, such as by evidence provided in accordance with paragraph (b). The Company may request that the applicant provide evidence for the use of the application that can not take the Personal Identification. The Company may refuse to approve the application for any of the following reasons:
      • 1. the applicant is under the age of 14;
      • 2. the personal identification is not verified by the Company's personal identification procedure;
      • 3. the name and mobile phone number (or business registration number) are the same as those of a Member who is already registered;
      • 4. a former Member who has terminated the Terms of Use contract in accordance with Article 9 of Terms of Use reapplies
      • 5. a Member whose membership has been suspended by the Company pursuant to Article 14 of the Terms of Use terminates the Terms of Use voluntarily and reapplies during suspension of use;
      • 6. false information is provided in the items required when applying for Membership;
      • 7. other illegal or unauthorized use is confirmed.
    • ③ In any of the following cases, the Company may withhold the approval of the application for use. In such cases, the Company shall notify the applicant of the reason for the withholding of consent, the time of approval, additional information requested, data required for consent, and other matters related to withholding of consent, through the service screen or via email.
      • 1. If there is no room in the facility
      • 2. When there is a technical issue
      • 3. If the Company's personal identification verification procedure could not confirm the Member’s identity
      • 4. If a person applying for business Membership does not provide evidence or additional information under Article 8 (②)
      • 5. other reasons deemed reasonably necessary by the Company.
  • Article 9 Termination of Terms of Use
    • ① Any Member or Company may terminate Terms of Use in accordance with the procedures set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
    • ② Termination by Member
      • 1. The Member may, at any time, terminate the contract by notifying the Company of their intention to terminate the Terms. However, the Member must complete, revoke, or cancel any auction procedure for which they are in the process of purchasing or selling, before notice of cancelation. In such cases, the disadvantages of withdrawal from or cancelation of the auction shall be borne by the Member.
      • 2. The Terms of Use terminate when the Member's notice of their intention to cancel reaches the Company.
      • 3. The Company shall allow the Member to rejoin only after one month has passed from the date of withdrawal from Membership so as to prevent the Member from receiving economic benefits through repeated re-registration of Membership and arbitrary termination, and from committing illegal acts, including unauthorized use of the name, and the Member may rejoin the Service after getting approval from the Company by notifying the Company of its intention to rejoin in accordance with the Membership application procedure and related provisions stipulated in these Terms of Use.
      • 4. The Company shall retain personal information such as the Member's ID, name, date of withdrawal, and reason for withdrawal for one (1) month after withdrawal of Membership so as to prevent the Member from receiving economic benefits through repeated re-registration of Membership and arbitrary termination, and from committing illegal acts, including unauthorized use in this process.
    • ③ Termination by the Company
      • 1. The Company may terminate the Terms of Use in any of the following cases. In such cases, the Company will notify the Member of its intention to terminate the Terms of Use, specifying the reason thereof, by email, telephone, fax, or other means. However, the Company may give the Member an opportunity to express their opinions regarding the grounds for termination beforehand.
        • i. If the Member is found to have a reason for refusing to accept the Terms of Use set forth in Article 9 (③)
        • ii. If a Member violates the rights, honor, credit, or other legitimate interests of the Company or other Members or others.
        • iii. When a Member makes or attempts to interfere with the smooth progress of the services provided by the Company, such as direct dealing
        • iv. If the other Member has acted in violation of these Terms of Use.
      • 2. The Terms of Use terminate when the Company's notice of intention to terminate reaches the Member, but if the Company is not able to notify the Member of its intention to terminate due to an error in the contact information provided by the Member, the Terms of Use terminate when the Company provides notification of the termination on “My Page” or other Service pages.
      • 3. In cases where the Company terminates the Terms of Use, it may cancel auctions related to the Member without notice, and if the buyer pays for the goods by credit card, the credit card transaction can be canceled.
      • 4. Any damages incurred in connection with termination of the Terms of Use shall be borne by the terminated Member, and the Company shall not be held responsible for any liability.

Chapter 2 Use of Auction Services

  • Article 10 Types and Use of Auction Services
    • ① The auction services offered by the Company include Regular Auctions and Buy It Now. The Auction service type and contents are subject to change.
    • ② The Company announces the characteristics of each auction, the auction procedure, and the method of winning according to the kind of auction service through the service screen. Members shall fully understand the details of each Auction announced by the Company to use the Auction Service.
    • ③ Members can access the Auction Service provided by the Company through their ID and Password, and may make a bid or win (or purchase) the goods using the same Auction Service.
    • ④ If a Member purchases goods through the Auction Service, the transaction must be completed through the Transaction Protection Service provided by the Company. The Company shall not be held liable for any problems arising from direct transactions between Members. However, for certain categories approved by the Company, the Transaction Protection Service is not used.
  • Article 11 Suspension of Auction Service and Management of Credit Rating of Members
    • ① The Company may terminate Membership in certain cases for the stability and reliability of transactions through the Auction Service. Any Member whose Membership has been suspended is not allowed to use the Auction Services.
    • ② Suspension of Membership
      • 1. Rejection of sale: If the seller refuses to sell the goods after the Winning Bid, and if the shipment indication is not made within seven (7) days from the confirmation of the Buyer's payment for the goods, the sale shall be treated as rejected.
      • 2. Rejection of purchase: The Winning Bid shall not be canceled, unless there is a problem with the purchased goods.
        • i. Solicitation of direct transaction
          • ■ The Company may suspend Membership if any solicitation of a direct transaction is discovered.
          • ■ The Company may charge a certain amount of penalty to the Consignor and the Buyer, if any solicitation of a direct transaction is discovered.
        • ii. Unfair Bidding, illegal card transactions The Company may suspend Membership in the event of improper Bidding or illegal card transactions that may interfere with the Auction process, such as false Bidding or manipulation of Bidding.
    • ③ If there is any Auction that has not been completed for a suspended Member, such Member must complete the Auction process.
  • Article 12 Disclaimer of Agency and Guarantee
    • ① The Company does not represent the Members who want to sell or purchase the goods, as it merely provides an online trading place for mutual trading between Members, and any act of the Company should not be deemed as acting on behalf of the Consignor or Buyer.
    • ② The Company shall not be liable for the existence or genuineness of an intention to sell or buy, the authenticity, quality, completeness, safety, legality, and non-infringement of the rights of others of the listed goods, or the integrity of information posted by any Member, including information contained in links posted by Members, and all risks and responsibilities related therewith shall be borne by the Member.
    • ③ The Company does not control or restrict information such as the descriptions of goods posted by the Member. However, if the Company reasonably determines that the contents of the information posted by the Member violate the moral code or rights of others, or is in violation of laws and regulations, then the Company may delete such information, and may take necessary measures to cancel or stop the Auction, or other appropriate measures.
  • Article 13 Responsibilities of the Consignor
    • ① The Consignor shall perform such after-sales procedures as managing the process of the Auction, executing the transaction for the winning bidder, delivering the goods, withdrawing the subscription according to the procedure set by the Terms, and other Individual Terms announced beforehand by the Company through the Service screen.
    • ② Consignor shall cancel the Bidding, if such Bidding is false or improper one.
    • ③ If any Bidder requests to cancel the Bidding, then Consignor shall cancel such Bidding in response to such request.
  • Article 14 Regulations for Sale of Goods
    • ① The Auction will be held until the Auction period that the Company and the Consignor have agreed upon when registering the goods.
      However, in the case of a Buy It Now purchase, the Auction may be terminated prematurely, if all the sales quantities are sold at the purchase price, or if the Auction is canceled by the Company directly.
    • ② When the Auction ends, the Company posts whether the Auction was awarded or not on the Service screen, or sends notification of the winning bid within 24 hours by email. The Winning Bid may be confirmed by receipt of the email sent by the Company.
    • ③ The Company shall send the confirmation of the deposit and the shipment notice immediately to the Consignor when the Buyer pays the deposit or pays for the goods. The Consignor may confirm whether or not the Buyer has made a payment through the payment confirmation email sent by the Company.
    • ④ The Consignor shall follow the delivery procedures set forth in Article 23 of these Terms after receiving confirmation of the Buyer's deposit or payment from the Company.
  • Article 15 Provision on Purchase of Goods
    • ① Members who want to purchase goods shall place a Bid on the Service screen provided by the Company.
    • ② Making a Bid/Buying Goods
      • 1. The Member must carefully examine the registration information of the goods, and place a Bid only when they genuinely intend to purchase the goods.
      • 2. Bids may be submitted several times until the specified closing, but continuous duplicate Bidding is not permitted.
      • 3. Bidders may freely choose from a wide selection of Bid amounts over the current price.
    • ③ Purchasing Procedure
      • 1. The Buyer may confirm whether or not the Bidding is awarded by a winning Bid confirmation email sent by the Company within 24 hours after the Auction ends, or on the Buyer’s Service screen.
      • 2. An Auction with a Buy It Now price will be awarded immediately, when a Bid is made at the Buy It Now price before the Auction period expires.
      • 3. The Buyer must pay the price of the goods to the Company within seven (7) days after winning the Auction.
      • 4. The Buyer shall correctly enter information on purchase order, place for delivery, and shall bear any disadvantage arising from errors or omission thereof.
    • ④ A Winning Bidder shall not withdraw the Winning Bid, and when a withdrawal is unavoidable, the Winning Bidder shall give notice of their intention to withdraw in writing within seven (7) days after the sale, and pay 30% of the Hammer Price as a penalty within seven (7) days after the sale. Furthermore, the provision above does not affect any separate (additional) claims for damages by the Company and the Consignor.
  • Article 16 Buyer's Deposit or Payment
    • ① The Buyer must deposit the goods price to the Company’s account and accurately fill in such information as deposit method, deposit bank, depositor name, deposit date, and refund information according to the return in the purchase order. If the Buyer's name and the depositor's name are different from each other, it must be clearly stated in the depositor's name section in the statement. The Buyer is responsible for all risks and liabilities caused by the Buyer due to errors or omission, and the Company shall not be held liable.
    • ② The Buyer can pay by a credit card under his/her own name only if the Consignor allows the credit card payment in the goods registration information. The Company may refuse or cancel credit card payments if the Member information provided by the Buyer is different from the cardholder's name.
  • Article 17 Shipping
    • ① The Consignor must take the necessary measures for delivery within seven (7) days of receipt of the confirmation of the buyer's deposit or payment settlement from the Company and indicate the date of shipment that the goods have been shipped on the Online Auction order. If the shipment is not processed within ten (10) days from the payment confirmation date, the Buyer may request cancelation of the Auction, and the corresponding Auction shall be recognized as rejection and canceled accordingly.
    • ② The Company shall immediately notify the Buyer of the shipment confirmation if the Consignor indicates that the goods have been shipped,. The Buyer may confirm whether or not the Consignor has shipped the goods by checking the shipment confirmation email or the Buyer’s Service screen.
    • ③ In cases where the Consignor ships the goods, they shall bear the risk until the Buyer receives the goods. Accordingly, the Consignor shall take proper measures including packing of the goods, selection of the carrier, and other necessary measures so that the Buyer may receive the goods without damage or defects.
    • ④ If any dispute arises between the Seller and the Buyer, the shipping company, the financial institution, etc. in connection with the transportation of the goods traded through the Auction Service, it shall be settled between the parties concerned, and the Company is not involved therein and shall not be held liable.
  • Article 18 Purchase Decision and Remittance
    • ① Once the Buyer has finalized the purchase decision after receiving the goods, it must disclose the purchase decision in the manner provided by the Company for remittance to the seller.
    • ② After the Buyer declares their intention to purchase goods, the Company will remit the remaining amount of the goods price to the Consignor within seven days from the commodity price, after deducting the registration fee, the commission fee, and the unpaid commission fee of the Company. The consignee shall specify the remittance method at the time shipment of the goods is confirmed. If a bank account transfer is selected as the transfer method, in principle, the holder of the account designated by the Consignor and the Consignor shall be one and the same. If the holder of the account designated by the Consignor is someone other than the Consignor, the Company may suspend remittance of the goods price up to sixty (60) days in order to secure the authenticity of the Terms of Use and the relevant transaction. However, if the seller requests remittance by providing a copy of their ID card, a copy of the ID of the account holder, and a copy of the account book of the account holder, the
    • ③ If there is no indication of intention by the Buyer regarding non-receipt, return of the goods or refund within thirty (30) days from shipping date by the Consignor, the Company may remit the goods price, if the Consignor requests remittance by attaching the proof of shipment. In such case, the Buyer shall not object to the Company for any reason such as non-receipt or return of goods and shall resolve any and all problems including direct refund with the Consignor.
  • Article 19 Fees
    • ① A buyer's premium is calculated as 18%of the Hammer Price (excluding VAT).
    • ② The consignment fee will be charged to the Consignor at 10% of the Hammer Price (excluding VAT) for the quantity sold based on the amount of the Winning Bid.
    • ③ The Company may newly set up or change Service Fees, which shall be notified on the page and Goods Registration Screen provided by the Company. Changed fees shall be applied to goods registered seven (7) days after notice of the change.

Chapter3 Indemnity

  • Article 20 Indemnity for Company
    • ① Since the Company merely provides an online trading place and other additional information to the Members, after-sale management including execution of trade with the winning bidder, the delivery of goods, the withdrawal or return of goods, and resolution of disputes regarding defects related to the mutual transaction between the Members through the Auction Service shall be performed by the parties directly,.
    • ② The Company shall not be liable for the provision of Services, if it fails to provide Services temporarily or permanently due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, maintenance, or inspection of information and telecommunications equipment, breakdown or failure of communications, or loss of communications.
    • ③ The Company shall not be liable for any disruption in use of the Service due to reasons attributable to the Internet User or the Member.
    • ④ The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred to the Member due to defects in the goods traded through the Auction Service, errors, or incomplete registration information of the goods, etc.
    • ⑤ The Company shall not be held liable for any damages incurred to Members arising from reliance on the accuracy of information, data, or facts posted by other Members.
    • ⑥ The Company and its Affiliated Companies (which refers to a Company that operates a site linked to the Service screen of the Company by link or otherwise) operate independently, and the Company is not responsible for transactions conducted between its Affiliates and the Member.
  • Article 21 Jurisdiction and Governing Law The laws of the Republic of Korea shall apply to these Terms of Use, the Use of Service Agreement between the Company and the Member, and the mutual transaction between the Members, and any dispute between the Company and the Member shall be submitted to the court having jurisdiction over the place where the principal place of business of the Company is located.
  • Article 22 Miscellaneous
    • ① The Company shall establish and operate a Customer Center in order to receive legitimate concerns and complaints submitted by Members, to resolve disputes, and to coordinate disputes among Members. The Company promptly addresses concerns and complaints raised by Members if they are found to be legitimate, and notifies them of the reason and processing period if it is difficult to process them immediately.
    • ② If there is any matter that violates these Terms or any inconvenience, please email help@seoulauctionblue.com, call(+82 (0)2-514-2505) or fax at(+82 (0)2-514-2515), and we will faithfully settle any problem.

Chapter 4 Blue point & Blue Membership Status

  • About Us:
    • SeoulAuction Blue Co., Ltd.
    • Location: 4/F Horim Art Center, Dosan-Daero 317, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
    • CEO: Lee Jung Bong
  • Date of Notice: Aug. 1, 2017

  • Article 1 Purpose The purpose of these terms and conditions (the “Terms”) are to set forth procedures and standards for online Auctions conducted and held via service by SeoulAuctionBlue (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), including but not limited to, on its website, https://www.auctionblue.com AuctionBlue, and mobile devices (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), and rights and obligations of parties thereto.
  • Article 2 Definition The terms used herein have the meaning defined below, unless otherwise expressly specified elsewhere:
    • ① “Consignor” means a person who desires to sell an art piece through an Auction conducted by the Company.
    • ② “Bidder” means a person who participates in the Company’s auction to attempt to make a Winning Bid for an art piece.
    • ③ “Winning Bidder” means a person who participated in the Company’s auction and has a Winning Bid on an art piece.
    • ④ “Opening Price” means the starting bidding price.
    • ⑤ “Hammer Price” means the price of the finalized highest bid, so named for the fall of the hammer and the Bidder’s paddle number being called out by the auctioneer at an auction.
    • ⑥ “Purchasing Price” means the sum of the Hammer Price, a Buyer’s premium, and value-added tax (VAT).
    • ⑦ “Reserved Price” means the minimum selling price that the Consignor and the Company previously agreed upon, which, in principle, shall not be disclosed.
    • ⑧ “Estimated Price” means the estimated value of the articles sold at auction by the Company.
    • ⑨ “Member” means a person who provides personal information to register as a member of the Company. Types of memberships are categorized into regular (membership) and associate (membership).
    • ⑩ “User” means a Consignor, a Bidder, a Winning Bidder, or a Member that either participates in the Company’s auction, or receives the Company’s services.
    • ⑪ The term used in these Terms includes non-business days, unless specified otherwise,
      and non-business days shall be based on the business days of financial institutions.
  • Article 3 Members
    • ① Any person may participate in an online auction conducted by the Company simply by becoming a regular Member, provided that anyone who becomes a Member for the first time shall be verified by mobile phone identification.
    • ② The Company may restrict or suspend any Member’s membership, in the event that such Member:
      • A. enters false information on the Membership application;
      • B. fails to perform their obligation, including but not limited to, payment of a Winning Bid price and other matters in connection with an auction;
      • C. disturbs the order of an Auction, including but not limited to, interfering with other participants in the Auction; distributing false information, lending their membership to other people; or
      • D. conducts any action that violates any applicable law in connection with an Auction or these Terms, or acts in a manner that goes against social order.
  • Article 4 Consignment of Art Pieces Relationship between Company and Consignor
    • ① The Consignor may consign an art piece to Auction by the Company, provided that the Company may restrict the consignment, if:
      • A. any dispute over the authenticity of an art piece shall arise;
      • B. an art piece does not meet the characteristics of the Auction, or it is not an appropriate item for sale at the Auction;
      • C. Consignor and Company fail to agree on an art piece’s Reserved Price.
    • ② When it is determined that a special appraisal is necessary, the Consignor shall pay for the special appraisal fee in accordance with the Company's regulations (Regulations on the Special Appraisal Fee), which shall in no event be refunded, even if bidding is not concluded.
    • ③ Consignor shall be responsible for and obliged to:
      • A. have the authority to dispose of the art pieces to be consigned by such Consignor;
      • B. warrant that no third party has any right to, or in the consigned art pieces, including but not limited to, a lien, the right of pledge, or otherwise;
      • C. guarantee the transfer of ownership of the consigned item to the Purchaser concurrently with a Winning Bid;
      • D. pick up the consigned item(s) within five (5) days after receipt of notice, in the event that the Company decides not to conduct an auction for any consigned item and notifies such decision to the Consignor; in such case, the Consignor has no right to make a claim against the Company for any damage(s) to or loss of the art pieces that occurred during the period that pickup is delayed. Storage charges under the Company’s policy shall be charged from seven (7) days after the notice from Company;
      • E. warrant that the consigned item(s) do not violate the Act on Protection of Cultural Properties. In any event where the consigned item(s) turned out to be a cultural asset, illegally excavated article, stolen goods, or otherwise unlawful article(s), the Consignor shall undertake civil and criminal responsibility and shall refund the whole net sale proceeds immediately, along with compensation for any loss incurred to the Company thereby.
    • ④ Once the contract of consignment has been entered into, the Consignor may not withdraw the consignment, and in the event that withdrawal is unavoidable, the Consignor shall give written notice within at least three (3) days after the Auction date, and pay the Company the sum of the seller’s commission and buyer’s premium as a penalty within ten (10) days after such notice of withdrawal. (The commission shall be determined under Article 8 hereto, based on the assumption that the Hammer Price is the average Estimated Price). In addition, if a loss is caused by the Consignor’s withdrawal of consignment, the Company may, separately from the foregoing penalty, claim damages.
    • ⑤ The Consignor shall reclaim unsold item(s) within fifteen (15) days from the date of an auction. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages incurred after fifteen (15) days and the Consignor shall pay a storage fee according to the Company’s policy.
    • ⑥ When a consigned item(s) is sold, the Company shall pay the net sale proceeds after deducting the seller’s commission on consignment and shipping/handling expenses within thirty (30) days from the date of the auction (within 455 days, if the hammer price is three hundred million Korean won or more), provided that if the buyer fails to pay the Hammer Price, the payment of net sale proceeds may be withheld. In the event where the date of payment for the net sale proceeds falls on a non-business day, such payment date may be delayed by up to two (2) business days.
    • ⑦ The Company is not obliged to pay consignment bills to a consignor in case of cancelation, withdrawal, termination of the winning bid that cease to have effect. For this situation, the consignor must take over consigned items within fifteen (15) days from the date of notification of the company. The Company will not bear the responsibility for any damages and errors that occurred after fifteen (15) days, and the consignor must pay an additional storage fee under the company’s regulation.
  • Article 5 Auction Procedures
    • ① The Company shall hold an exhibition (preview) for prospective Bidders to examine auction items, provided that such exhibition (preview) may not be held upon the characteristics of an Auction, on which notice shall be posted on the Company’s Service.
    • ② An Auction proceeds in the order of the lot numbers posted on the Website of the Company, provided that the Company may withdraw scheduled Auction items without prior notice, and may divide any lot into several items at auction, or may put several items in one collection at Auction.
    • ③ Prior to the operation of an Auction, Company and Consignor shall decide the Reserved Price, which is the minimum Hammer Price of items to be sold, provided that the Consignor agrees that such Reserved Price may be earmarked as an Opening Price.
    • ④ Bid increment shall be displayed on the bidding screen of the art piece under the Auction, and Bidders may place bids in the increment shown.
    • ⑤ If a Bidder places a maximum bid via automatic bidding, bids shall be placed automatically up to the maximum bidding amount.
    • ⑥ The Company may provide Bidders with both the low and high Estimated Prices of the auction items as a reference; in such case, an Estimated Price shall simply serve as an available reference for the auction, not as a price that the Company is responsible for, nor shall it be relevant to the Hammer Price. Furthermore, the Company shall not be responsible for such Estimated Prices being referred to by the public outside.
    • ⑦ The final bidder will be the bidder who has paid the highest amount online by the auction deadline.
    • ⑧ In the event that there is any bidding thirty (30) seconds prior to closing, the closing time shall be extended by thirty (30) seconds.
  • Article 6 Limitations on Rights and Responsibilities of the Company
    • ① The Company may change the previously notified auction date, time, and place in the event of unavoidable circumstances.
    • ② As to the items for which a consignment agreement has been entered into, the Company is entitled to use them for its purpose in connection with the website and printed materials.
    • ③ If any dispute arises over the authenticity and legality of a transaction involving the articles or another similar event, the Company may not list the consigned items, and may cancel the bid after it has been sold at auction. In such event, the Company shall not be responsible to the Consignor or the Winning Bidder for any damages except for restoration to the original state.
    • ④ In the event that bidding is not made due to any issue or problem caused by, including but not limited to, specifications of the computer or network environment or misoperation by the bidder, the Company shall not be held responsible, unless such problem is caused by the Company’s intentional or gross negligence.
    • ⑤ In the event where any contents in the description of online Auction are expressly written inaccurately, the Company may post a notification with corrections and may cancel the Auction.
    • ⑥ In the event of the cancellation for the bidding or auction due to the section 4, the Company is not responsible for compensations other than to refund the winning bidder's payments for purchase price.
  • Article 7 Bidders’ Obligations
    • ① All contents including the name of the artist, the title of the work, material, size, source, etc. described on the Auction list are merely the Company’s suggestion, not absolute fact.
    • ② The Company shall exhibit items to be sold “as is” and the Bidder shall do thorough research on the desired item(s) before Auction. The Company does not warrant, nor is responsible for the description and art books in connection with conditions and characteristics of auction items provided by the Company, except as provided under Article 11; therefore, the Bidder shall participate in the Auction at their own discretion and responsibility after checking whether or not there is any damage to or restoration of a work, mistakes or omissions in the catalogue description, and/or discrepancies between the art book and the real work. The Company proceeds with an Auction under the premise that the Bidders have fully carried out such obligation.
  • Article 8 Commission
    • ① Seller’s CommissionThe seller’s commission shall be calculated by applying 10% (excluding VAT) of the Hammer Price which shall be paid by the Company after deducting such commission when it pays Auction proceeds.
    • ② Transfer TaxIn the event that any transfer tax shall be imposed on any income from the Auction, the Consignor shall pay for such transfer tax in accordance with applicable tax laws, and the Company is not responsible for imposing, payment for, or delay of such tax on consigned goods.
    • ③ Buyer's PremiumThe purchase commission related to the auction target goods is calculated by applying 18%(excluding VAT) of the winning bid price, excluding the winning bid price to be paid by the winning bidder. However, the company can apply the auction price and the purchase commission changed after the advance notification to the online auction contents depending on the characteristics of the auction item and the condition of the consignor.
    • ④ In the event that the Winning Bidder shall not pay the Purchasing price in full within seven (7) days after the sale (or within twenty-one (21) days, if the Hammer Price is KRW 300,000,000 or more), the Company may charge liquidated damage for the days of delay at the rate of 20% PA.
    • ⑤ A Winning Bidder shall not withdraw the Winning Bid, and when a withdrawal is unavoidable, they shall give notice of their intention to withdraw in writing within seven (7) days after the sale, and pay 30% of the Hammer Price as a penalty within seven (7) days after the sale. Further, the provision above does not affect any separate (additional) damages claimed by the Company.
    • ⑥ If the Winning Bidder does not give any notice of its intention within seven (7) days after the sale, the Company will consider this to mean that the Winning Bidder has no intention of purchasing the auction items, and may:
      • A. cancel the sale and resell the property publicly or privately, if the Winning Bidder fails to pay the Purchasing Price. Furthermore, in such a case, the provision above does not affect any separate (additional) damages claimed by the Company.
      • B. inform the Consignor of the Winner Bidder’s personal information to the extent necessary for the Consignor to file a lawsuit for damages.
    • ⑦ Payment of the Purchasing Price may be made by bank transfer to a bank account designated by the Company, or by card at the Company’s head office or any other place designated by the Company, by using a payment terminal. (The Company’s bank account number: 1005-103-164201, Woori Bank)
    • ⑧ Upon agreement with the Company prior to bidding, the Winning Bidder may make installment payments for the purchased Price.
    • ⑨ The Winning Bidder shall pick up the purchased items within seven (7) days after full payment of the Purchasing Price. When there is a delay in picking up the items, the Winning Bidder shall pay for a storage charge under the Company’s regulations. In case the Winning Bidder has failed to pick up the items after twenty-one (21) days have passed since the full payment, the Company is not liable for any and all loss of or damage to the items.
  • Article 9 Sale after Auction
    • ① The Company will assume that the Consignor has agreed with the Company to keep the items for one week to submit them for sale after the auction (“After-Sale”), if the consigned items are not sold (provided that not all items unsold at the auction are submitted for After-Sale, and whether or not to submit an item shall be, in principle, decided by the Company, unless the Consigner has made a specific request), unless the Consignor has otherwise expressed opposition at the time of the consignment of their art piece.
    • ② After-Sale is operated by written bids, and the closing time for bidding is 1 PM of the day following five (5) business days from the sale.
    • ③ The Terms of the Company shall apply to After-Sale.
  • Article 10 Shipping and Insurance
    • ① Shipping - In the event that the Consignor or a Buyer desires delivery of items, the Company may arrange shipping and insurance subscription of items with responsibilities and expenses assigned to the Consignor or Winning Bidder.
    • ② Insurance - The Consignor shall submit an insurance policy satisfactory to the Company effective for the period from the date when auction items have been delivered to the Company until the Company discontinues storage/management of the item, or within fifty (50) days from the scheduled auction date. At the responsibility and expense of the Consignor, the Company may subscribe to insurance on the Consignor’s behalf with responsibilities and expenses assigned to the Consignor, if the Consignor wishes to do so.
  • Article 11 Warranty and Restoration to the Original State
    • ① With respect to the auction items, the Company, as an intermediary, only warrants the boldly printed title in the first headlines of the catalogue. Other supplemental explanations, or Estimated prices printed in the catalogue and/or other contents expressed in writing or verbally by staff of the Company shall be solely reference materials, and do not constitute a warranty.
    • ② The Company shall issue a warranty certificate to the extent of the warranty mentioned in the above paragraph upon the purchaser’s request.
    • ③ The warranty period of the Company as an intermediary shall be one (1) year from the date of the sale, during which, if any of the warranty is proved wrong during this term, the Company shall cancel the sale and refund the Hammer Price and buyer’s premium paid for the lot, provided that the Winning Bidder shall:
      • A. raise the issue on the contents of the warranty by written request stating the auction date when such item was sold, lot number, and convincing grounds for such question when making any claim;
      • B. give written notice of the claim to the Company within three (3) months after it first has doubt about the contents of the warranty;
      • C. return the corresponding item to the Company in the same condition it was in at the time of the sale.
    • ④ In case there is a discrepancy on the grounds presented between the buyer and the Company, the parties may request opinions in writing from two experts in the related field in order to confirm the authenticity of the corresponding item(s) to the buyer. The expert shall be the person confirmed both by the buyer and Company. The Company may seek advice from an expert at its own expense.
    • ⑤ Limitation on Warranty liability The Warranty excludes cases where:
      • A. the opinion of an expert regarding articles during Auction was in general; however, such opinion has been modified afterwards, or there is a conflict in such opinion;
      • B. notice of possible dissenting opinions from an academic circle or group of experts has been made in the art book description or at the Auction house;
      • C. it is proven that the details under the warranty are wrong in any manner, were not generally used at the time of Auction, or are unreasonably expensive, or by using destructive analysis.
    • ⑥ In cases where the Company is responsible under the warranty, the Consignor of the corresponding item also has the obligation to restore the item(s) to the original state.
    • ⑦ No transfer Any contents guaranteed under the warranty shall not be transferred to a third party; namely, the contents under the warranty shall apply only to the first buyer of the lot; however, in a case where the corresponding item(s) has been inherited due to death of the first buyer within three (3) years, contents under the warranty are transferred to the inheritor.
    • ⑧ Limitations on the Responsibility of Warranty The Company’s Warranty liability shall in no event exceed the amount that the Winning Bidder has actually paid to the Company. Namely, the Company does not pay for the interest or loss incurred as the result of a change in currency value.
  • Article 12 Amendment to these Terms
    • ① The Company shall post these Terms on its website.
    • ② The Company shall explain important parts of these Terms, if necessary, so as not to mislead any Users.
    • ③ To the extent permitted under the Act on Regulation of Standardized Contracts and other applicable laws, the Company may amend the provisions of these Terms.
    • ④ In the event that the Company makes any amendment, it shall post a notice on the first page of the Company’s website comparing the amended provision with the previous one, from seven (7) days prior to, and until one (1) day prior to the effective date of the amendment.
  • Article13 Jurisdiction and Governing Law
    • ① The Seoul Central District Court shall have jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising from a commercial transaction between the Company and a User under these Terms.
    • ② The laws of the Republic of Korea shall govern any suit related to a commercial transaction between the Company and a User.
  • Date of Notice: May. 08 , 2017

Seoul Auction Blue Co., Ltd., regards your personal information with respect to 'Auction Blue Service' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') and comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection There is. The Company will disclose the purpose of the personal information processing policy and the purpose of the personal information provided by the customer, and what actions are being taken to protect personal information. The company will notify you through the service announcement (or individual notice) when revising the personal information processing policy.

  • 1. Personal information we collect We collect such personal information as: 1) telephone number, username (nickname) of terminal device including mobile phone, email address, information transmission email and password, birthdate, sex, and Service ID, through the website or a separate application or program in the Service, when a customer registers membership for the first time or in the course of use of the Service, 2) information on terminal device in the course of Service or handling business (including OS, display screen size, device ID), IP address, cookie visiting date, record of use or unauthorized use of Service may be automatically generated to be collected, and 3) further collection of delivery information (such as name, telephone and/or mobile phone number address) when customer buys goods, or when it is inevitable for settlement in the course of use of the paid Service, credit card number, telecommunication service provider information, and gift card number. The Company may provide service subject to the cus
  • 2. Personal information collection and purpose The Company may use Personal Information collected for the following purposes:
    • ① Fulfillment of the contract regarding service provision
      Fulfillment of the term, including but not limited to, service provisions, sale of goods.
    • ② B. Membership maintenance
      Prevention of unauthorized use of bad member and prevention of unauthorized use, identification of membership, age confirmation, complaint handling, and notification of complaints are provided.
    • ③ C. Use for marketing and advertisements
      Delivering information on various events and/or advertising materials, including in connection with the sale of goods.
  • 3. Retention and use period of collected personal information As a general rule, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is accomplished, we immediately destroy the information when you leave your membership. However, when it is necessary to preserve in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the Company keeps the membership information for a certain period of time as stipulated by related laws and regulations.
    • ① Record in connection with an agreement or withdrawal of application: Retain for five (5) years, under the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.
    • ② Record of payment and goods supply: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce etc.)
    • ③ Record of dissatisfaction or dispute of consumer: 3 years (Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce etc.)
    • ④ Books and evidence in connection with transaction provided for in tax law: Retain for five (5) years, under the Framework Act on National Tax
    • ⑤ Record in connection with display/advertisement: Retain for six (6) months, under the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.
    • ⑥ Record in connection with electronic financial transaction: Retain for five (5) years, under the Electronic Financial Transactions Act
    • ⑦ Record in connection with visit: Retain for three (3) months, under Protection of Communications Secrets Act
  • 4. Procedures and methods of destroying Personal Information The Company will, in principle, destroy such information without delay, after the purpose of processing the collected Personal Information has been fulfilled using the procedures and methods specified below:
    • ① Procedures
      The information entered by the member for membership purposes is transferred to a separate DB after the purpose has been accomplished (in the case of paper, separate document). According to the internal policy and other relevant laws and regulations, Period is saved and destroyed. DB Personal information transferred to a separate DB is not used for any purpose other than those held by law unless it is under the law.
    • ② B. Methods of destruction
      Personal information saved in an electronic format shall be deleted using a technical method that makes the data unrecoverable.
  • 5. Provision of personal information to a third party In principle, the Company does not provide the user's personal information to the outside. However, when users agree in advance, except in accordance with the provisions of the customary law. In addition, when necessary for the smooth provision of services, we may entrust third parties with the handling of personal information.
    Corporate name Work commissioned Retention and use period of personal information
    Seoul Auction Seoul Auction service, customer inquiry, and for development and operation of System. Upon termination of membership or termination of contract.
    NICE Information Service Co., Ltd. Age verification to provide age-appropriate services. Upon termination of membership or termination of contract.
    NHN KCP, Credit card company (Samsung, Shinhan, Kb-Kookmin, Hana (previous foreign exchange), BC, City, Hyundai, Lotte, NH Nonghyup, etc.) Credit card, virtual account settlement and settlement processing Upon termination of membership or termination of contract
    KS Courier, OneTop, Kyungmin art, Art Dream, Art in Art, JM Art, Logen Courier, CJ Logistics, Ilyang Courier Product delivery Upon termination of membership or termination of contract
  • 6. Rights of users and legal representative and how to exercise them The User may at any time refer to or change his or her personal information and may request to cancel membership. It is possible to view, correct, or withdraw directly after identification by clicking “personal information change” (or “member information correction,” etc.) to view and correct personal information, and by clicking “member withdrawal” to cancel membership (consent withdrawal), and go through identification. Or we will promptly take action for withdrawal if you contact the personal information management officer in writing or via telephone or email. We do not use or provide the related personal information should the User request correction of an error in personal information until such correction is completed.

    Further, if we have provided the wrong personal information to a third party, we will notify them of the result of correction as quickly as possible so as to correct any errors. The Company shall handle personal information that has been terminated or deleted at the user or legal representative’s request pursuant to the guidelines specified under “3. Retention and use period of collected personal information” so as not to view or use it for any other purpose.
  • 7. Installation, operation, or rejection of automated Personal Information collection equipment 'Company' operates 'cookies' which store and find your information from time to time. A cookie is a tiny text file that is sent to your browser by a server used to run the website and is stored on your PC hard disk. “Company” uses cookies for the following purposes:
    • ① Purpose of using cookies
      The Company utilizes cookies for target marketing and customized service by analyzing the visit frequencies of customers or their visiting times, etc. and identifying the customer’s tastes and interests;
    • ② How to set up rejection of cookies
      The installation of cookies is optional for Users. Accordingly, Users may allow all cookies, or be prompted to confirm whenever a cookie is saved, or block all cookies by changing their browser settings:

      e.g.: Method to set up rejection of cookies (Internet Explorer) Select [Tools]>[Internet Options]>Personal Information. However, you may have difficulty using the Company’s Service, if you reject the use of cookies.
  • 8. Service for complaints regarding Personal Information You may declare all personal information related complaints arising from your use of the Company 's services to the person in charge of personal information management or your department. We will respond promptly to the complaints of 'Company' users.
    • ① Customer Service Department :Seoul AuctionBlue IT Team
      Telephone number :+82 (0)2-514-2505
      Email :help@seoulauctionblue.com
    • ② Personal Information management officer Name :Min Jung Kim
      Telephone number :+82 (0)2-514-2505
      Email :mjkim@seoulauctionblue.com
    If you require further information or consultation regarding personal information infringement, please contact the organizations below:
    • ■ Privacy Complaint Center (privacy.kisa.or.kr / (no area code) 118)
    • ■ Personal Information Dispute Arbitration Committee (www.kopico.or.kr / (no area code) 118)
    • ■ The Supreme Prosecutors' Office (www.spo.go.kr / 02-3480-3571)
    • ■ Cyber Security Bureau, National Police Agency : (www.cyber.go.kr / (no area code) 182)
  • 9. Notice Should there be any addition to, deletion of, or change in the contents of this Privacy Policy, we will give notice thereof on our website, and the updated Policy shall become effective seven (7) days from the date such notice is posted.

    Date of Notice: December. 11 , 2017